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Terms And Conditions


1.Goods once sold will not be taken back at any circumstances.

2.Goods or fertilizers coming out from  warehouse in vehicle for delivery, that time if vehicle lost, so that time the responsibility and risk is totally depend on farmer or the buyer’s. Whose special note should be taken.

3.If you find any kind of germination  in seeds percentage so its not sellers responsibilities taken should  note by purchaser.

4.We are not responsible for 100% result for any CP/CN. According to brochure, changes in environment-weather, land, water, farmer’s timing or any quantity of manure in weight and quality for this, the company will not be responsible. Farmer’s should be taken note for all this changes.

5.For any kind of reason the farmer or the person taking the goods, who orders it or purchase it, if they cancel the order due to any reason so, company will not be refund the amount.

6.According to company brochure, production and price may be change (upside or downside). Changes in  atmosphere, packing of goods in market, land and water based productivity by farmer in farm is effect farmer’s income. It may be increase or decreased according to productivity in farm. Which should be noted by the farmer..

7.The complain regarding quality and quantity of any cp/cn  should be inform to the company if the company carriage is available on farmer’s farm. If, the vehicle is out after delivery or drop the good or cp/cn and return back to the company then we are not hearing any kind of complain which should be noted.

8.The goods/cp/cn found by us are healthy in condition and we are satisfied with it. We don’t have any problem in dispute and after this the liability of fully on farmer’s.

9.Fertilizers or products shown in the bills is only for trading. No responsibility after plant sold. This bill is not valid for any legal action. This bill is given for to keep expenses note only for farmer, company or institute. We are not bound to issue subsidy bill.